New Importance to renaming files

I have been an endnote user for almost a decade and have been with each new release. Its integration with MS Words has been great but essentially a long list of repeated and begged for in this forum essential components continue to be missing and are sorely behind the free competitors. The Web capture is a joke at best compared to Zotero; its identification of PDF is not even worth trying compared to Mendeley, Zotero, Citavi, and Calibre. I have all of those installed as well. Its highlighting scrolling, note-taking features are way behind the rest. It’s not even worth comparing.

 I have stayed with Endnote for one primary reason. Endnote has a masterful “relative link” and I have 6000 PDF, over 30 GB of data stuck in that library. I simply have not had the time to move them to one of the competitors. It’s just too many. 

I often - very often - see a file renaming feature request on this forum. Instead of yet just requesting it in general, I would like to point to a new factor regarding its urgency. As it stands, each pdf that I failed to rename before entering it in Endnote is under an unusable name in a separate folder. 

With new tablets, ipads and Android (I have a galaxy note 10.1 with stylus for highlighting PDF), accessing my PDF is now crucial. I have access to my entire library through dropbox and I can search for a file through the dropbox app. Without Endnote actually allowing renaming of files, unless I already know the name, I can’t find it on my tablet.

With higher ed institutions such as mine buying exorbitant licenses, Endnote has little incentive at this point. Actual users are not the target audience apparently. So unless there is a real chance that this feature will be implemented, I am simply  done with Endnote.