New Word 2015 Preview

Happily using the new Word preview, but can’t get 7.2.1 to recognize it to install the Endnote Tools.

Anyone had any better luck?  There is no Office/Startup bundle in the new version, and the Customizer doesn’t recognize it.

Any word on when an update might work with this?  No harm in asking :wink:

It would be great if we could have help on this! Keen to try Endnote in the new Word!

Yes. It would be great if you can support it. 

Please see this post about the Word 2016 Preview:

For the life of me I keep wondering what on earth more can they add to this product to keep on bringing out new versions every year or two. Just when you get used to a consistent format, they go and release another version to keep the revenie flowing in. I honestly struggle to keep up to date with all the layout changes