No Point between Book Chapter and Book

Dear community,
I am currently citing with Endnote for my thesis and have come across a problem in my reference list.

For book chapters, as well as some journal articles, there are dots missing between the name of the chapter/article and the name of the book/journal. It is displayed as follows in the bibliography:

Last name, First name. (Date). Name of Article Name of Journal**volume(Issue), pages.

(no dot between name of article and journal)
Does anone know what could be the problem?

Thank you a lot.

there must be an error in the endnote style you are using. Which one is it?

It’s Endnote 20…thank you!

but there are thousands of Endnote styles that you choose when you are drafting your document. Which one is selected on the endnote toolbar. That is where the instruction templates for each reference type are located.