Number of records limit using Direct Export

I’m using Ovid’s direct export feature to export references to EndNote 14. It’s only allowing me to export up to 500 references at a time. How do I change the limit to more than 500 references/records?

This is a limit that Ovid imposes. EndNote does not set any limit to the number of records that can be imported from a Direct Export or saved file.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Thanks Jason! I contacted Ovid and was given a workaround that apparently came from EndNote Tech Support Team. Our Ovid subscription has always allowed us to download more than 500 records at a time. It’s the Filters that’s apparently causing the problem. They suggested renaming the filters used most often (i.e. Medline) by preceding the name with “AA” so that they are alphabetically first in the list of filters. By forcing them to be first, one can ensure that EndNote finds them first and uses them for parsing citations from that database. It worked.