Numbering references for Nature Supplementary info

The refs in a Nature supplementary info file are meant to start at 31. As this is a separate file from the main document, I am not sure how to start numbering the refs and anything other than 1. Any suggestions?

In the format  bibliography dialog, on the Layout tab, you can define the start number to be other than the default, 1.

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Thank you, that helps a bit. If I put a 3 in front of ‘bibliography number’ in the citatins template and in the Bibliography layout, I can get to my desired 31-39…but what happens for 40? How do I set the start number to be 31 instead of ‘tricking’ Endnote into giving my the citation and bibliography number I need?

I don’t understand what you mean.  If you put 41in the layout tab, it will number them starting from 41 to 300, if you have that many references. 

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I have endnote version 9. Can you see a away around the problem using this older version of the software?

Thanks now I see where you mean! I fixed the problem! Many thanks!