Obtaining frequency counts of authors

    I wanted to pose a question about how to obtain frequency counts of authors in a database.  I have a large database of more than 1,200 articles on a specific topic. There are somewhat more than 2,400 authors associated with these documents, and I would like to be able to identify the most frequently appearing authors (whether as a lead author or as a co-author on a paper). How can I do that?


If the authors are entered exactly the same in each record (a tall order) then you can look at the tools>“subject bibliography” listing of authors (tick the box at the bottom for individual authors listings) and then you can sort on the # records or by author alpha, to view the number of times each author is present in the library.  But if one author is listed as Smith, G and in another record as Smith, George or even as Smith, G. (with and without a period), they won’t be “grouped”.