order of authors in text citation with endnote

Hellow gurus:

There has been a problem with intext citation that vexes me for a very long time and I have not figured out a way to fix it. The problem is like this -

When I want to cite this way :

…subsequent research clearly showed that this conclusion was wrong (e.g., Shavelson & Bolus, 1982; see also Marsh, 1993; Marsh, 2007).

End note always end up like this:

…subsequent research clearly showed that this conclusion was wrong (see also Marsh, 1993; Marsh, 2007; e.g., Shavelson & Bolus, 1982)

The help file says that if I hight the paper and move up and down the arrow to assign the order, then it should come out intext with the desired order, but it doesn’t really work. Is there something that I missed?

Thanks very much if you can take a look!



Yes, that help is deceiving, isn’t it.  It would be great if that could override the Style’s Sort parameters, but it doesn’t.  (hint, hint to developers)  and so, you need to either change the style’s sort (which probably isn’t ideal) or fudge this one, hiding the real endnote reference for the one you want first (edit citation, hide year, hide author) and typing in the whole thing as a prefix to the Marsh, 1993 ref. 

Thank you for the reply! Well, at the moment I just make a note next to the citation so that I remember to change it when I take out the fieldcode before submitting the document. I think I will stick to this clumsy solution till there are some proper updates from the developers. By the way, are you not a developer, or you are just helping out here as a kind enthuasiast for Endnote?

Nope, – Not a developer, not an Endnote employee, just a long time user of the product who helps when she can!

I see. Thanks. You are certainly very good at this. Will post again when having another problem!