Output Style - Book Subtitle

Hi. I want to modify the output style so that my bibliography shows the book title and subtitle while the footnote shows only the title without the subtitle. Can this be done? How?

What you could do is keep the main title in the Title field but 1) add a custom field (e.g., “Subtitle”) to the Book reference type to hold the book’s subtitle and 2) in insert the custom field in the Book output style’s bibliography template. This allows the footnote to show just the title but the bibliography entry will show both the book’s title and subtitle.

Refer to the Endnote Style Editing guide which is available here http://endnote.com/kb/131728 and refer to the following sections for adding a custom field to a reference type, and adding that field to the bibliography template:

1.4.2 Adding, Deleting, and Renaming Fields

3.3.4 Adding and Removing Fields in a Template

Thank you. This will work. I wanted to avoid modifying hundreds of reference entries. I was hoping for a more expedient solution.

Hard to envision how a database would interpret  or truncate the contents differently, from one field for different usages.  

How many books with subtitles would this apply to?  

Copying the titles to another field (using the  change/move/copy tool, and quickly editing them by removing the subtitle from the “title” field, then use either one or the other for the two purposes in the output style, is another way to do it.  You might consider using the “short title” as the title alone?  Subsequent use of that record in footnotes might already be using that field.  

The poster mentioned “hundreds of reference entries”. Copying and editing the title to parse-out the subtitle would involve a fair amount of work in time. Personally, I would maintain the title and subtitle as a single unit in the Endnote record’s Title field, moreso since online databases probably do the same, but it seems the poster prefers to separate the two.

The reason to separate is that, according to Turabian 8, the footnote form should include the subtitle, but the short form should not. The regular form is used the first time a resource is reference, and the short form is used subsequently.

Actually, I found a great way of doing this. I’m using the “Title” to store the title with subtitle, and I’m using “Short Title” to store the title without subtitle. I’m using “Short Title” instead of “Title” in the footnote short form. The interesting thing is that if “Short Title” is blank then Endnote automatically uses “Title” instead.