output style for "shock" journal

I need output style for the Journal of " Shock". If anyone has one and would like to help, I greatly appreciate it.

From the Styles thread which is “stickied” in the Styles, Filters, and Connections forum  try SG2 Ap_Ti_Jo_Vol_Page_Yr -Tissue Eng.ens which is probably the closest, but you will need to adjust the Journal name to italics.  There may be other minor tweaks needed.  But it is a good start.  You can download it from here.


Below are the instructions to Authors.


References: In the text, references should be cited consecutively by numbers in parentheses. In the reference section, they should be listed in numerical order; include the names of all authors and complete title of the article cited. References must be restricted to directly relevant published works, papers or abstracts that have been accepted for publication. Usually the total number of references should not exceed 35.

Journal abbreviations should follow Index Medicus style. References must be double-spaced with only one reference per number. In the following examples notice the punctuation, do not use all capitals, do not underline.

Journal articles

  1. Remick DG, Bolgos GR, Siddiqui J, Shin J, Nemzek JA: Six at six: Interleukin-6 measured 6 H after the initiation of sepsis predicts mortality over 3 days. Shock 17:463-467, 2002.

2. Brundage SI, McGahn R, Jurkovich J, Mack C, Maier RV: Incidence of Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome As a Function of the Timing of Femur Fixation. Proceedings: 5th International World Congress on the Pathophysiology, Immune Consequences and Therapy of Trauma, Shock and Sepsis, Munich, Germany, March 2000. Monduzzi Editore S.P.A., Bologna, Italy, pp 113-118, 2000.

Articles in books
3. Marshall JC: SEPSIS, SIRS, and MODS: consensus, controversy, and challenge. In Faist E, Baue AE, Schildberg FW (eds): The Immune Consequences of Trauma, Shock, and Sepsis-Mechanisms and Therapeutic Approaches. Vol. II (1). Lengerich, Germany: Pabst Science Publishers, 1996, pp 41-50.