Output styles with long names don't show up entirely in the dropdown menu

A few output styles I use regularly are variations on the same style and can only be distinguished by the very end of their style name. However, the dropdown menu for style selection in EndNote is so short that the endings get cut off. So I have to choose from a menu showing three incomplete identical style names.

Does anyone know if  there’s a way to make this dropdown box longer so that full names are shown?


Unfortunately, it looks like the width of the drop-down menu is fixed and cannot be adjusted by the user. You might submit the idea of adjustable menu widths to the Product Suggestions section of this forum. In the interim, you’ll need to rename your output styles to shorten the length so at least what’s shown in the drop-down menu is sufficient to give you a clear indication of which style is which.

I put the important distinguishing part of the name at the beginning, and hide the ones I don’t want from the dropdown.  

Yeah, I thought of making the suggestion, but wanted to know if someone had a clever trick. Since all variations of the style are somewhat official and widespread, changing their names so the distinguishing part comes first could be confusing, but I suppose I’ll have to resort to this solution.