Palm syncing conflict?

I recently purchased endnotex2 to run on my macbook (OSX 10.4.11) Yesterday I downloaded the udpate X2.01, and found that I could no longer launch my old word v.x, which had been working well with endnote previously. So I uninstalled the update and reverted back to endnoteX2. 

Today I tried to sync my palm tungsten with my mac (havent done it since installing endnote) I usually use missing sync for this task. For some reason missing sync wouldnt launch and I get a message on the palm to day that sync was interrupted. Could this be a conflict with endnote?? I do not want to use endnote on my palm and have not tried to install it on  the palm. 

Any tips gratefully recieved!

Ah ha! fixed it, after restarting my mac, managed to open missing sync and turned of the endnote synchronisation