parenthesis items coming up as "endnote refs"

ahem, Yes this IS me asking this time. 

One of my students using Endnote has given me a copy of their thesis.  When I open it, it tries to find any parenthetical item as an Endnote Reference. 

and YES, I have checked.  Neither the document (format bibliography) - nor the perferences have been changed from curly brackets on my machine.  The items are all marked as “smart tags” and I can remove that one by one, but that is a bit tedious on a long document.  I am working in Word 2003, Endnote X4.0.2 on a Windows XP machine.  Any tricks from my colleagues here?  Oh - yes, in case it is relevent, the document chapters are inserted into a Master Document. 

In Word go to “Tools > Auto Correct” and click on “Smart Tags”.  Uncheck “Label Text With Smart Tags” and click on the “Remove Smart Tags” button to remove the smart tags.  I think that should take care of it.

I will try that next time, but a tip from another Thomson source suggested  to try to search and replace ( with ( and ) with ) and when I next reformatted the problem went away. - without even having unformating the endnote references first.