PDF attachment file names on iPad

Hi folks,

Running Endnote X7.5 on Windows, synced to Endnote web, and also the iPad app. I recently did a rename on all my PDF attachments on the desktop (author-year-title) and it worked very well, and all these synced to Endnote web just fine. I ran a sync on my iPad app and also included all attachments. However I’ve noticed that the PDF attachment file names on my iPad version of Endnote don’t match this format - they all contain some subset of just the title, but that’s all (no author, or year). Tried syncing again to be sure, and no effect.

This isnt’s a huge dealbreaker, but somewhat inconvenient when saving a PDF attachment from the iPad to Google Drive or other cloud storage, and/or forwarding it over email, in that the PDF file name will be different than what’s expected and make it hard to find/interpret later. 

Wondering if anyone else has come up against this problem and/or if there is a simple fix.