Pdf links not working on XML import

HI all, 

I need to back convert an x9.3.3 file so someone with an earlier version can use the file. However, it is a large file and I have lots of pdfs attached many of which I have had to find manually. 

When I create an xml export the pdf links no longer work when imported into the earlier version of endnote. The pdfs are stored as relative links. I have tried  trying to fix broken attachments and copying across the pdf folder within the dat. folder. 

Any other suggestions?

Either share via the shared online library options or call Clarivate and see if they have a tool.  

please tell us what a kind of PC e.g. Win 10 or Mac and , IMPORTANT, are you using pdf files with DOI?

What do you see in “imported reference” ? please send a screenshot.