PDF shifts the reference around...

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When_ _ convert my paper into PDF the biblio goes a bit wonky. Where there are hyphenated page numbers eg 23-27, and a URL in the information, for some reason the digits after the hyphen gets dropped down into the same line as the URL.

For example,

Ref in word looks like

"smith, g. 2000. ‘it’s a dog’s life.’ journal of this and that 33 (2):23-27


But, after converting to PDF, the final page numbers are in the wrong place

"smith, g. 2000. ‘it’s a dog’s life.’ journal of this and that 33 (2):23

  1. www.jstorxxxx.com"

If anyone has any ideas how to stop that, ie how to keep the 23-27 together, I would be grateful to hear them


You can click on the “Show/Hide” key to see if there’s any hidden code that might be causing the break; and recheck the margin width in the event the bibliography length exceeds the margin and that’s causing the pagination “split”. 

But try inserting a non-breaking return to see if that keeps the page numbers together.  In MS Word put your cursor just after the “27” then simultaneously hold down both the SHIFT and ENTER keys.

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Hi CrazyGecko,

Excellent idea. The non-breaking return worked. Thanks