please go to this app build conference may 16-17. in 60 cities around the world by microsoft

Please go to this conference and ask them about making an end note app for windows RT and windows phone. Apparently there is 1:1 consulting and it is being held simultaneously in 60 cities around the world.

With Visual Studio 2013 update 2, I think you can make apps for iOS, Android, and Windows at the same time.

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Blog on cross platform apps

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This keynote was day 1 of build conf 2014, not the publish conf linked in original post.

Developers, please start watching at


TOC view

I’m not sure if EndNote uses things like old code that was designed for keyboard and mouse (it has been around awhile so I imagine yes), but here was a good bit on using a new feature on bring old .net code to a modern touch interface for x86 tablets which is only a few steps for compiling to ARM, right?

After that bit a 1hr36min, they go in to cross platform apps

Again, tablets like Surface 2 running ARM and Windows RT Update 1, really just need

  1. an EndNote PDF viewer and sync with EndNote online and

  2. a way to add references from pubmed (send to reference manager).

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