pocket pc and x1

I’m trying to figure out how to get my new Pocket PC to work with EndNote x1. 

I bought Endnote X1 a few months ago (previously used Reference Manager10 for several years) and was disappointed to find out that it didn’t work with my old Pocket PC, which was running an older operating system (earlier than WM 5). So, this week, I just bought a new Pocket PC, running Windows Mobile 6 (it’s not even possible to buy them with WM5 any more), and I can’t seem to get EndNote to work with that either. Is it really possible that X1 will only work with the very short-lived WM5 operating system? If so, are there any updates of X1 planned to make it compatible with more recent software? I know X2 is out now, but that’s little consolation since I just spent $100+ on X1 a few months ago. I’m beginning feel I wasted my money, since I can’t use the full functionality and it doesn’t seem to be compatible with current software. (What if I upgrade to Vista? Will X1 stop working?)

If anyone knows a way to make PPC synchronization for WM6 work with X1, I’d be very grateful. I’m using an IPAQ 111.