Predefined Field Values

While I think the answer is “there’s no way to do this”, I figure I’ll ask the question anyway and see if anyone has a good work-around.

I customize my reference types quite a bit and I would like to associate a set of permissible values to a field.  The “Type of Work” field, for example, is ripe for this.  Suppose my reference type is Paper and I want the Type of Work field to be one of the following values:

  “White Paper”
  “Technical Paper”
  “Unpublished Work”

Do I need to rely on my memory or Endnote-external notes in order to do this, or is there some way do to this within the tool?

Thanks - Bill

You can always create and populate a “terms list” and associate it with a generic field.  In the PC version the define terms lists and link terms list are under tools - then you can add the terms you wish to use – although it doesn’t restrict you to using those, it will suggest them from your defined terms.  see images attached. 


One more image attached (can only attache 3 per message)  – Here are the options i use for terms (in preferences). I have the first box ticked but not the rest.  I don’t think there is a way to retroactively update the terms list from existing items.  More importantly, I never want it to grab terms like journal names, which I prefer to manage myself.  

Interesting!  Thanks for the suggestion, Leanne - let me play around with that idea and see how it works out.