Preferences, Toolbars & shortcuts


I’m wondering if there is a onestop shop where I can find information about the various set up for Preferences, Toolbars and Shortcuts?  I’ve been poking about the user forum and I seem unable to find anything.

I lead EndNote Training for our library and I would like to carefully study these before our next series of EndNote workshops.

Here are some YouTube tutorials related to setting the EndNote preferences:

Setting EndNote preferences


Custom Reference Types

If you search the EndNote Help file for “shortcut” you’ll find a list of keyboard shortcuts in EndNote and in Word.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Doug this does help.  I’ve seen many of these videos and they are really good.  I refer to them all the time when I lead a training session.  what I was hoping for was something like a cheat sheet that went through all the various settings.

But this helps.