Preview does not match Bibliography in document

I am using EndNote X4 with Pages '09 for Mac.

I have been adding citations to a document and am currently using the Chicago 15th A style. Most of the footnotes and bibliography entries look fine, but for some reason, two of them are appearing as J. Doe, instead of John Doe for footnotes, and Doe, J. instead of Doe, John for the bibliography. I checked the style options and Full Name is selected for both footnotes and bibliography. I also checked the information for the references in EndNote, and the full name is included. Moreover, in the preview pane, the full name appears (Doe, John), but in the document bibliography, it is listed Doe, J. Again, this is only for two of the references: the rest are working fine.

Any thoughts on what’s going on? Thanks.

The two refs in question probably have a subtle difference in the the author name, so Endnote assumes they are two different John Does.  Copy and paste one to the other record, so they are identical.  You may need to delete the citation from the paper and re-enter it, if it doesn’t “take”.  I am not sure how Pages handles author name changes.