PROBLEM - Endnote X does not complete citation

I am having a problem with Endnote X leaving the database entry number within the citation; this has just begun.

Citations are appearing for example as (Cook, 2001 #377) - normally Endnote takes out the d-base identifier but for some reason is leaving these in.  Edit Citation window is no help in removing this.

Many thanks.

It sounds to me like CWYW has been turned off.  Have you tried manually “format bibliography”?    In X2 it is “instant formating” where, if CWYW is off, it says “turn on”.  In some other versions it say “enable”. 

This can get turned off, if you unformat the references at some point, or sometimes it just gets turned off. 

The other thing to check is which style is being used to format the paper, although I don’t think there is any default options that would leave in the record number. 

But - I just noticed this-- Is it really a regular parenthesis and not curley brackets?  If this was put in manually, Endnote may not be recognizing it as a endnote citation?  replace the (_) with {_} 

many thanks. i did reformat and also changed to another output style and all is well.