Problem modifying connection file

I need help in using my endnote ver 8.0.2

I have been using endnote to connect to PubMed for the last 10 years and I am very happy with it.

In recent months, PubMed has introduced two searchable tags, including [ppdat]. Endnote does not allow the addition of this searchable tag on the connect file to PubMed. I need to know how to force the program to add this attribute to seach PubMed.

Many thanks

I assume that you could add them to the Search Attributes when editing the PubMed Connection. Just go to the last one and hit return and it adds another line to the table.  

Also, Endnote has released a new PubMed connection file which retrieves the PMC numbers as required by NIH grantholder reporting, which you might want to download, if you haven’t already.     

Many thanks Leanne.

The program does not allow adding another field on the Seach Attributes. However, I have replaced one of the exisiting tags with PPDAT. It seems the search is working well.

Thanks again 

I had no trouble adding another field in EndnoteX?  I went to a line, and hit return and it added another row to the table? 

Ahhh, now I get it. Placed the cursor on an exisiting field and then hit ENTER to add a new field. 

Thanks again