Problem With Apostrophe and Initials


I am trying to enter a book by the author Vincent Robin d’Abra Desborough. However, Endnote renders this as Desborough, V. R. d. A. rather than preserving the apostrophe and rendering it correctly as Desborough, V. R. d’A. Is there a setting I can change which will alter this?

Thanks for your help.


Try reverse the entry so the surname appears first followed by 2 commas then the first name. So for example if “Desborough” is the surname the Author field’s format would be:

Desborough, Vincent Robin d’Abra

That works - thanks, CrazyGecko!

I am having a similar problem with a last name and apostrophe.  The name is Margaret O’Brien Caughy. In the bibliography, the entry appears as Caughy, M.O.B.  This is also true when I inspect the “Bibliographic Output Style” in X7. Is there a way to have X7 handle such author names so that the “O” is not treated as a middle name?

Thank You!


Similar solution.  Change the order of the name to

O’Brien Caughy, Margaret  

Endnote without a comma will always assume the last name is the SN and the rest are the Given names.