Problem with Author Separators


I have some problems concerning the Author Separator function. 

If there are less than 4 authors, every author should be separated by a “/”. Sometimes it works, but only when two authors are listed. 

Attached you find the style I use.

Thanks in advance!


WIM_Vorlage.ens (10.2 KB)

This is an unusual style on many aspects. (edited reply!)

First both citations and bibliography settings have slashes rather than commas or “and” in them. Do you want the slashes everywhere?  Do you want all authors showing? 

Also, you seem to be quoting the full publication page range rather than just the relevant pages to the discussion point (Pages, rather than Cited Pages). 

third, only the Year is in parentheses with the authors preceding and the pages following the parenthetical Year. 

So do you want slashes in both citations and bibliography?  Do you want pages and not cited pages in your citations? 


I have replaced Pages with Cited Pages in the citation (possibly not what you wanted) and put slashes everywhere and showed all authors in the attached re-corrected output style.

attached a correct style in 2nd edited reply

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WIM_Vorlage[corrected2].ens (8.14 KB)