Problem with cite feature

Hello all,

I have had numerous problems with the cite feature on X4. If I manually enter references in reference editor: For example

Author = Cohen, J.  It will be cited in document as J. Cohen.

I have tried all conventions mentioned: Cohen, J. or by simply using spacing Cohen J

Can anyone enlighten me on how to solve this puzzle?

The order of author details in the citation and the references are defined by the output style you use with a specific document.  Which one are you using?  What publication are you interested in sending this to, or emulating?  How do you want it to appear?  

Is it that you don’t want the initial to appear and you have several references with the Cohen author?  If so you might want to read this FAQ at Queensland.

Dear Leanne,

thank you so much for your helpful link:smiley:. I have been using APA 6th edition on x4.Your link should help me disable this feature.