Problem with CWYW

While referencing in my thesis, sometimes (only sometimes) an author will show up as follows:

and it can also operate through asserted cultural features, such as religious performances (K. Dunn, Klocker, & Salabay, 2007).

What I want is (Dunn, Klocker, & Salabay, 2007)

Why is Dunn getting his initial in the reference?

I check my Library Reference and he is recorded the same as the other authors  i.e. Dunn, Keith

Please help.

Thank you

The most likely reason is that the output style you are using has the option “use initials only for primary authors with the same name” checked. You can turn this off by editing the output style within EndNote.

Edit > Output Style > Edit [name of current style]

Click on Author Name under the Citations heading and un-check the option.

Then re-format the bibliography.

It might also be worth checking whether the author whose initial sometimes appears is recorded very slightly differently in different references (but is the same person). If you have someone listed as Smith, William and elsewhere as Smith, W. or William Smith EndNote sometimes tries to disambiguate them even though they really are all the same person.

As Rosemary indicates you can avoid it, by making the changes she suggests to the output style, but then authors that should be distinguished according to most publication guidelines, won’t be (ie Kevin Dunn and Robert Dunn). While you say that his name is recorded the same in the various records, a subtle difference can trick Endnote, and they safest way to ensure they are the same is to copy one and replace the others with that exact version.