Problem with filter displaying author when contained in 700 tag (Millennium catalog)


I am using a filter to import bibliographic records into Endnote from our Millennium library Catalog. Attached is the filter that I have created. Almost all of the data is imported sucessfully but a porblem occurs if the author is not in the 100 tag but in the 700 tag… I chnaged the 700 tag in the filter template to be |aAuthor but nothing comes through when imported to Endnote. As I am new to creating and modifying templates I hope I have made a simple error. I would reallya ppreciate if someone with experience creating templates could point out where I have gone wrong.

To demonstrate a record that does not import author correctly you can look at our catalog link.

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Our library uses Millennium


Rodney Foley

University of Tasmania
UTAS Millennium Catalogue.enf (9.48 KB)

Could you provide a .txt file of the corresponding record that’s being imported?


Thanks for your quick reply. Attached is a txt format file of the record I am trying to import.



utas_kotler_citation.txt (893 Bytes)

Thanks for providing the .txt file of the problematic Record. Examining the .txt file in MS Word shows that while your filter’s tags are a 3-character numeric digit the downloaded records from the Millennium catalog are actually a 7-character field. So although your filter has a “700” tag, in the .txt file the tag is actually "700 1 " (see image 1 - note that there are blank spaces included).  If you change the filter’s tag to  "700 1 " the author’s name will be imported into the EndNote “Author” field (see EndNote library in image 2) .Changing the filter’s tag can be done by copying the length of the “Leader” field and paste it into the filter (see image 2).

You might also search the .txt file to see if there may be other variations of the "700 1 " tag  or other tags to add to the filter.  Also note that in your .txt file there are 7-digit variations of the following tags: 019, 082, 245, 650.  You may need to adjust your filter to use the corresponding 7-digit tag to import these fields unless you’ve designated them to be “ignored”.

A copy of your filter with the modified 700 tag is attached for your reference.

UTAS Millennium Catalogue_modified.enf (9.48 KB)

Yes, there are various possibilities with the indicators (the "1 " in the example given by CrazyGecko above); see for full details - though first indicator “1” is by far the most common and first indicator “3” is very infrequent. Older catalogue records may have the obsolete second indicator “0” as well.

To cover most possibilities, I would suggest including the following tags in the filter

"700 0 "

"700 1 "

“700 00”

“700 10”

“700 02”

“700 12”

Similar indicators occur for 100 and 110 fields (personal and corporate main entry fields), which you can find out on the Library of Congress MARC pages