Problem with Periods in Bibliography after pressing "Update Citations..." in Word


I need to update my bibliography such that there are periods after every abbreviated word in a journal title.  To do this, I went through the journal names and formatted them by hand, inputting them all to ‘abbreviation 3’.  Then, when I went to edit the style, I selected ‘abbreviation 3’ under ‘journal name format’.  I saved that and then went to preview the entry in EndNote and the periods were in place.  However, when I clicked to update the bibliography in word, nothing changed and there were no periods.  I was wondering if anyone knew what I was doing wrong and how to fix this error.



The inclusion or exclusion of full stops in abbreviated journal titles is a setting in the style and doesn’t depend on the abbreviations table.  Edit>output style, edit “your selected style” and look under Journal Names (you were there before if you changed to Abbreviation 3) at the bottom of that dialog, there is a  Remove periods box to check. 

Then save it - probably best as a new name and then make sure that style is being used to format the manuscript you are working out (via the format Bibliography dialog, and make sure the new style is selected there.  hit okay, and they should magically reformat to the way you wanted them – but I would recommend  going back to Abbreviation 1 or 2…