Problem with reference type Electronic Book Section for IEEE citation style

I am facing a problem with the “Electronic Book Section” reference type for IEEE citation style. One output example given in the attachment

How do I solve this?

problem-with-ieee.txt (154 Bytes)

Yes,  the easiest fix it to edit the IEEE output style electronic book section template and move the | to after the comma space after the series title or Book Title (I don’t know which field the text you show is in).  If you move them like in the below, you should recover the the comma and space in your output.  Don’t just copy the below as some of those spaces are “link adjacent” which usually get lost in a copy paste to this forum.  but it is important to figure out what is left when fields are empty as they are in your example.

Author|, “Title,” |in Series Title,| vol. Volume, |Book Title, |Editor, Ed.,^Eds., |Edition ed. |Place Published: |Publisher, |Year, |p.^pp. Pages|. [Online]|. Available: URL|. Accessed on Date|.