Problems since updating to X9.3.3

I am an EndNote user for over 15 years with a database of around 11000 entries. Since I updated from X9.3.2 to X9.3.3 around two months ago, I have experienced numerous problems:

    1. Each time it syncs with my online backup, it freezes completely. Syncs usually take 1-2 minutes (but are taking gradually longer) and they happen with increased frequency, preventing me from working continuously for more than 5 minutes at a time.
    1. When I edit an entry and move to another one, there is a very slow lag (with ‘black screen’) of several seconds, again slowing down my work.
    1. EndNote errors become more frequent (I cannot recall the exact message and do not know how to replicate), leading to crashes and even to the corruption of my database, which luckily I succeeded in recovering by using a backup I had saved (the Recover database tool failed to work).

I want to note that ALL of these problems started immediately after updating to X9.3.3 and never occurred previously (e.g., syncs took place smoothly in the background as I worked). My database is large but consists of no embedded/attached PDFs and I remained a loyal EndNote user precisely because I found the experience smooth and efficient, with edits and searches being immediate with no lags. Since update, these problems occur constantly.

I have just submitted a technical complaint on the website but am writing in this form since I suspect I am not the only one and assume that Clarivate needs to hear from more of us to fix these problems. Unfortunately, because of the nature of this update, I cannot return to X9.3.2 without losing all edits to my database–otherwise I would gladly cancel this latest update!

Mac or Windows?  

I haven’t had any of these problems with the Windows versions.  (and I am jumping from a X9.3 at work to X9.2 home using the sync function).  

Mind you - I haven’t been to work for over two months, so I may not have that update!  

I am using Windows 10. The specific update is X9.3.3. It’s a pretty major update apparently, because once you update, your database is converted and you can no longer use it with an earlier version of EndNote.

(I do not understand what is so major with this update because I did not notice any significant improvement over X9.3.2—the only changes were those that I mentioned plus another problem I forgot about: EndNote now sorts special characters after the alphabet, creating problems for those who use special characters for transliteration from other alphabets. Bottom line, this new update is a disaster. I’ve never posted or commented on a discussion board in my life about any other program, but I feel completely hamstrung by this new EndNote.)

It is the 64 byte compliant version.  It had to happen at some point.  

Leanne, not sure I understood you. Could you explain? My Windows is 64-bit. Is EndNote not?

X9.2 and before is not.