Problems with custom footnote style (X8)

I have successfully created a new reference type and have selected it for a new reference (an addition to Chicago 16th footnote). The field names show as expected in the reference entry pane. However, the output is not following my style instructions. I’ve attached screen grabs from the desktop software to clarify.

[new] Parliamentary debates
Author, Title, Parliament, (MP, Party) (Date, Year).

Output (minus the indentation)
Canada. “House of Commons Debates.” 16 November 1953, 1953-54. Available from http://

FYI: The generic reference type style for footnotes is the default:
Author, “Title,”| in Secondary Title|, ed. Secondary Author|, Tertiary Title| (|Place Published|: Publisher, Year|; reprint, Reprint Edition|)|, Cited Pages|.

I don’t know where the “Available from…” is coming from (none of the footnote styles contains the word, though it does occur in the generic bibliography style) and I can’t get the information in my defined fields to display.

I’d appreciate thoughts on this problem.