Problems with Innopac Z39.50 server

Libraries that use the Innopac software from Innovative Interfaces should check the performance of the connection file for their library catalogue.


At some time in the recent past changes were made to the server, and keyword searches are now truncated after 500 hits. So if you are doing a keyword search that includes common terms the results will be very misleading.


When I queried this, I was told that there had always been a 500 limit on such searches, but I was able to produce screen grabs from our training documentation to show that this was not the case. It’s a recent change and seriously affects the usefulness of the connection file for our library catalogue.


The problem seems to vary depending on the version of the Innopac software in use at the library. The keyword search “girls and education” retrieves only a few hits on the catalogues of ANU, Leeds, Hull, Michigan State, Oregon State, QUT, Simon Fraser. Interestingly, it works well at University of Melbourne, which returns 285 hits. Changing the Z39.50 use attribute doesn’t seem to alter the results.


Could librarians at other institutions using Innopac please check the connection file for their catalogue? If you are experiencing the same problem, please raise this issue with the support people at Innovative. A little customer pressure might help. Thanks.