Problems with Output Style Template - Singular/Plural Field

I am having problems with modifying a template. For some reason the plural symbol doesnt work in template for “Paragraphs” so that the singular is “para” and plural is “paras” (yet suprisingly the singular/plural symbol does work for the “Section” field even though the formula is the same). Here is my template (“Paragraph” part is bolded below):

Title (Official Short Title)|, Statute Volume (Use CQLR for Current Quebec Legislation)|Jurisdiction (Do Not Use for Current Quebec Legistlation)| Year (Session Sess), c Chapter (Supplement Supp),  No Number (for NL between 1934-1975/76), Other Indexing Element,  CCSM c Loose-Leafs|, s^ss Section|, para^paras Paragraphs|.

Here is an example of how a reference is looking now:

Criminal Code, RSC 1985 c C-46, ss 45-46, para^paras 45-46.

Could someone tell me what im doing wrong. Thank you