Problems with proper footnote style.

I have two strikes against me: first, I am a beginner; second, my field is the humanities. I generally use footnotes. I have imported the correct style. But it displays infofmation that I have not entered data for (even when I click hide unfilled fields). Example:

Glassner, Jean-Jacques, Chroniques mésopotamiennes. Edited by. ed. Vol., La roue à livres. Paris: Les belles lettres, 1993.

This includes fields Edited by. & ed. and Vol. How do I keep these from displaying? I do not want to eliminate the fields since they are sometimes needed?

Also, when I openj a footnote in Word, and then go down and enter an Endnote citation, it does not include a option for page number(s). I know I can edit the citation but that is awkward. For exampler, the above instance should read in a footnote:

Glassner, Jean-Jacques, Chroniques mésopotamiennes (Paris: Les belles lettres, 1993), 213-15.

What output style are you using currently?  Can you attach it to a reply?  (if it is an “installed style” on a PC it will be in the the styles folder in the endnote folder in the program folder on your C: drive.  - if you already edited it or downloaded it it will the in and endnote/styles folder in your documents folder. 

OK let’s see if this helps. Here is the output style. Also when I transferred my bibliography from Citation 9, I got about 20 entries with no author. I openned one up ande the author is under LABEL. Even though the citation type is set for BOOK, it doesn’t give me an option for entering an AUTHOR.

J Biblical Literature.ens (50.9 KB)

No Author in the Book Ref type?  Even when you show empty fields?  That makes no sense.  The field must be there, just not showing because the field is empty?  (but you say something further back that you are viewing unfilled fields).  Have you modified the reference types at all?  (Edit preferences, reference types, modifiy). 

In the records that have imported the author into the Label field:  So somehow in the importing step, the field was not tagged correctly so Endnote could parse it to the right field.  – You do  have the ability to move contents of one field to another  in endnote  (under the tools dropdown) so select just those refs without authors, and hide the rest (under references drop down) and then perform the move function from Label to Author.  (Are they a specific kind of  book? –   Endnote has really three kind of book ref types, Book, edited book and book chapters, and I said in another thread, you could add more, if there were a need.)

Let me look more carefully at your style and get back to you on if it needs tweaking. It may be missing some of those “link adjacent” characters resulting in text associated with empty fields.   

Yes those fields openned up when I unclicked SHOW/HIDE UNUSED FIELDS. Thanks. I am using the Journal of Biblical Literature style download from your lists. When I put the cursor on it, it says Bibliographical Style. How do I access the footnote style, which is different (and more often used)?

Not my lists.  I am a user too!  –

To use a footnote style, you need to insert the footnote from Word and then insert the citation into the footnote created. The style has a set of templates specific to footnotes,

The style you attached earlier does have a number of spaces that need to be converted to “link adjacent” symbols in both the bibliography and footnote section.  I have started that, but you might want to request an updated output style from the endnote style people, cause it is hard to see them and make them all correct without better eyes than mine, also, I don’t have the exact style parameters at my fingertips.  Plus they will want the corrected output style on their website, in anycase.   

J-Biblical-literature.ens (51.8 KB)