Ok, I have the new EN for the Mac: X6. It’s awful. Here’s a few, a few, of the issues: I want to make a backup of my refs. I want to use the enl format, so I don’t have to keep track of multiple files. Simple, right? Wrong. When I try to copy over it, I FIRST get: “Refs Copy.enlp” already exists. Do you want to replace it?", and when I say “Replace”, the SECOND BOX tells me: “The package …… already exists… select a different name…” This doesn’t even get near to anything like a professional level of programming, bad or good. Go try it. I have one message asking if I want to replace it, and the NEXT, AFTER I say YES, tells me I can’t??? You know the saying, “It’s not even wrong”? Well, this isn’t even good enough to be called “bad programming”. It’s just sloppy. Next. I do NOT want ANYTHING in bold font. Not the “unread”, not anything. Well, where in the prefs can I do that? Um… right. Next. I mostly have pdf files, and I’m gradually attaching them, as addresses (not as copies!) to the refs. I use the format: author- filename for the prefix of the pdfs. Guess what? Your program won’t handle more than 256 characters. Next. Here’s my personal bug… i.e., the support person I talked w/couldn’t duplicate it: in the “smart” group: Imported, when I highlight a reference, the cursor JUMPS to another reference. Always. And always to the same ref relative to the one I’m coming from, i.e., if I highlight #1, it *always* jumps to #33#2 to #5, and so forth (these aren’t the real #s, I don’t remember those offhand). Next. WHY is the search window on top?? WHY isn’t it a ***window*** that can be ***moved*** around like any other window. Go look at the search window in, e.g., Word for Mac. Or any other reasonable Mac program. Next. WHY aren’t the menus configurable?? Go look at the menus for, e.g., Word for Mac. Or Acrobat Pro. Next. WHY aren’t the templates configurable? Next. WHY do I see a “Rating” box at the top of my references? Are you kidding? Next. WHY can’t I MOVE the reference fields around? I want, for example, the Abstract field to be closer to the top of the reference window. Etc. Next. I do NOT want a little “plus” and “minus” which work for ALL the reference windows once I set them. I don’t have the same fields in all the reference windows; WHY would I want to see the same fields for a new reference that I used in some other reference? At least make the “+” and “-” relate to the INDIVIDUAL reference window. And on. And on.