Provide detailed sync progress

I am really interested in being able to see how many entries there are left to sync, how many have been finished, which entries have been updated etc.  

The biggest reason for this, number one is to not be left in the dark.  Two, it allows us to have a bit more information when problems happen.  For example, I was unable to complete the sync process because there were errors somewhere in a particular reference in my library.  The sync progress does not tell me any information about WHERE that problem was, only that there was a problem.  If I could look at specific sync progress, then I could take the time to either delete and re-enter the reference, or fix it.  Instead, I had to first figure out the order of upload for the initial sync, then to figure out exactly where the sync stopped (I have since deleted the problematic entry, and it seems to be working so far).  It should not be this hard.

Other sync software programs like dropbox, google drive, sugarsync, etc all have this capability, so why doesn’t Endnote?

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