Publication Ratings - like iTunes

I could really use a rating system for my publications. Something like iTunes would be great. I could give a 5 star rating for great articles and 1 star for articles I probably won’t look at again.

This way I would waste less time looking for the good publications.

Why not set up one in one of the custom fields? 

Great idea Leanne,

Attached is a screen-shot of just that. Using EndNote X2, I changed the name of a little-used field to “Rating” and then added it to display in the Library Window. I used asteriks for stars.

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I don’t find the method desribed by JasonR handy !

Anyway, it is not as good as by defaut rating stars for exemple, next to autor names !

I prefer the iTune or RealPlayer rating star !

JasonR: Do you use iTune or Real player ?! Take a look at its rating stars and you will see that is very simple and practical compared with your method here !

In such a system (such in iTune or Realplayer), you don’t need to open item, look for “rating field” and then you press your asterisk! You simply need just one clic to rate items ! Which is en Excellent and Very useful Rate system !

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I am not saying endnote should get this feature, just that there are ways to achieve the same end in the interrum. 

Another option, why not create a group –  of papers you want to read? 

But ask - do ask - for cool features!  I have never been shy about doing so!

Yes, but there are ways which are more simple and more handy than others !

Creating a new group for papers you want to read sounds a good feautre, but this doesn’t make sens to groupe creation idea, as you will put all papers you want to read in the same group, while they may deal with different research areas (and this will become like the initial library)! 

Anyway, you are supposed to read all papers, or at least, the abstract of all papers you have in the libray. But you don’t always have time ! So, rating star system seems a good feauture and saving time. When you don’t have time to read all papers, you can comme back to those you rated as the most pertinent ones to read to be up on the related subjec.

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I stumbled upon this forum while looking for the same thing.  My research is in computer vision and it is difficult to find publications that are worthwhile to read.  I found this site that has a bunch of rated publications:  Thought it might help out.