Publication Type (PT) Field From PubMed Search

I posted this a couple of days ago and thought I would post again (with more detail) in hopes that someone knows the answer:

When we do a search in PubMed and export our results in MEDLINE format, we can see multiple Publication Types (PT) in some of the results.  For example, a single record might contain all of the following PTs:

PT - Journal Article

PT - Randomized Controlled Trial

PT - Research Support, U.S. Gov’t, Non-P.H.S

When we import the MEDLINE file to EndNote, only the first PT result is indexed, in this case, “Journal Article”.

However, when there are multiple Authors (AU field) in a single record EndNote pulls all of them into a single field.

Is there any way to force EndNote to do the same with the PT field?


Authors field and Mesh heading fields are specifically designed to retrive multiple lines. Other fields are not designed that way. It’s my understanding.

With the PubMed filter in EndNote v9 it imports those lines into the Notes field.  If there are multiple lines, they all show up in the Notes field.