Purchasing Endnote

I am interested in purchasing Endnote. However, I live in Brazil and in my country the official distributor of Endnote is PIC Informática, a company that sells the software for a price which is much higher than Thomson Reuters does. PIC Informática charges US$ 280 for Endnote (full version) and US$ 220 for every update. The upgrade version is particularly expensive, as it costs more than double the U.S. price.

I would like to know if, being in Brazil, I am able to buy Endnote from Thomson Reuters website (for US$ 249.90 the full version and US$ 99.90 every upgrade) instead of having to pay the inflated prices charged by the official distributor in Brazil. If I am not able to buy Endnote and its upgrades through Thomson Reuters for the regular U.S. price, then I’ll just give up buying it and trying an alternative such as Zotero or Mendeley or Biblioscape.

You might try emailing EndNote sales for assistance: http://endnote.com/info/sales-information-request