really annoying EN behavior

Please oh please change this if you can. Let’s say you’re updating an entry with all fields displayed; youve just typed some notes. You then click the “-” key to collapse the fields and EN dumps what you just did–unsaved. You lost it. Same thing happens when going from collapsed to expanded. Couldn’t EN save when either of these buttons is clicked? Couldn’t EN autosave? And, while we’re at it, to voice once again a request I made before, couldn’t the illustrious designeers of EN study the competition a bit to realize that having the keyword and notes fields more eassily accessible (instead of having to scroll through a zillion unmodifiable fields per record to see them) would be a HUGE boon?

EN’s interface has the feel of something written 10 years ago. Time for an update, a REAL update!

With thanks in advance.