Recently Used Citations Panel!!!

I am sure there are many people like me who refer to specific authors or studies numorus times (switch back and forth between certain number of authors and studies).

I have a suggestion. Since it can be time consuming to keep searching for the name of the authors or studies, I think it would be AMAZING to have a panel on either the right or left side of the word document (just like the dictionary panel in Words) which includes all the recently used citations in a specific document (so each document should have its own Recently Used references). Please see the attached picture which depicts my suggestion.

One of the reasons why I would like to have this panel is that sometimes I, for example, use 10 studies and I have to keep searching for the studies this can be time consuming when your library is large. The Recently Used Panel can be extremely helpful as I can just click on the author and it appears in the paper (rather than searching for the author or the study by typing the name of the author or the study, which is actually not the point of the Endnote program, as Endnote is trying to make referencing easier)

Thank you

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Now you mention this, I see I have the same need

This is such a sensible and obvious idea I can’t believe that the endnote development team haven’t done it already

I wonder how long we will have to wait to get something that is, to use the Monty Python expression, bleeding obvious

You do get a temporary group of the citations used in the document you are working on in Endnote? Is this what you mean? See where it appears in the attached snip.  

Something like that (but only showing the “Last Name, Year”) but embedded in the word document (the left or right side). It would be very convinent and easy to use.