Recording University Unit Resources


I arrange my Uni Course Unit resources in endnote.  This means I need an extra group level.   Ideally I would like a group called Monash University and a group under that say Anthropology then a group under say ATS1255 then a Group under that for say week 1,2,3 …

I would also like to be able to cite Lecture Material and I need Reference Types to include :“Lecture” and “Tutorial” and “Class”  and “Online News Article” and “Email” and “Blog” and “Social Media” to name a few.

I also find the order of the Reference Catagories hard to use.  they are ordered in a way a programmer would make a database not how a contemporoary scholar would enter the information.  For instance the most essential fields should be at the top of the form and need to be reviewed for useablility.  URL should now be toward the top with notes and abstract. Then you can research quickly what things are about.

Finally notes in text are very old fashioned.  Notes need to have multimedia and rich text.