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I was wondering, how can I create an output style by showing just the total page number for reference! (It shows just the page range but I would like to see just the total page number )

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Greetings Ilze,

Reference Manager has the ability to format page information several different ways.  Within each Reference Manager output style, you can designate the page information to be displayed as:

Full (52-53, 101-104, 200-203, 558-561, 871-879)

Abbreviated (52-3, 101-4, 200-3, 558-61, 871-9)

According to Chicago Manual formatting requirements (52-53, 101-4, 200-203, 558-61, 871-79)

According to MLA formatting requirements (52-53, 101-04, 200-03, 558-61, 871-79)

Start Page Only (52, 101, 200, 558, 871)

If you’re looking to display the total number of pages associated with a particular reference, I’d suggest picking an unused field within your database records to manually enter this information, then include the field name within the bibliography definitions within your output style.  Please let me know if this helps.

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