Reference style for Equine Veterinary Education

Would it be possible for you to add Equine Veterinary Education to your list of referencing styles?

The citation in the text lists the author(s) and year in parentheses: 1 author (Smith 2012); 2 authors (Smith and Jones 2012); more than 2 authors (Smith et al. 2012) et al. in italics.

The reference lists all authors, with initials closed up: 

Style for journal reference:

Author, A.A., Second, A.A. and Third, A.A. (2012) Title of article  (cap only on first word plus any that need it). J. title abbreviated (italics) vol number (bold) page number-page number.

Style for referencing books:

Author, A.A. (2012) Chapter title (if needed, cap on first word only). In: Title of Book (italics, caps on main words), 2nd edn., Eds. A.N. Editor, A.A. Editor and A.B. Editor. Publisher name,  Publisher address (abbreviated, e.g. Davis, California). pp 111-119.