Reference style for the journal ' Population, Space and Place' ?


I am looking for the referencing style for the journal ‘Population, Space and Place’ from Wiley (

Unfortunately, this style has not yet been created by EndNote or anybody in this forum. I was wondering whether anybody is familiar with this style or if anyone of you could suggest a style closer to this so that it is less work for me in creating a new style.


Thank you.


The style explained by the journal is as follows:


Reference style  . References should be quoted in the text as name and year within brackets and listed at the end of the paper alphabetically. Where reference is made to more than one work by the same author published in the same year, identify each citation in the text as follows: (Collins, 1998a), (Collins, 1998b). Where three or more authors are listed in the reference list, please cite in the text as (Collins et al ., 1998)

All references must be complete and accurate. Where possible the DOI for the reference should be included at the end of the reference. Online citations should include date of access. If necessary, cite unpublished or personal work in the text but do not include it in the reference list. References should be listed in the following style:

Findlay AM. 1993. Population geography: disorder, death and future directions . Progress in Human Geography  17  : 73-83.

Reher DS. 2004. The demographic transition revisited as a global process. Population, Space and Place  10  : 19–41. DOI:10.1002/psp.313.

Parnwell M. 1993. Population Movements in the Third World . Routledge: London

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