Reference style to cite a discussion forum

Hi all, I’m looking for a way to cite a thread in a discussion forum. Does anyone so this using existing styles (something like “electronic article”, “online database” or “web page”), or is there a style specifically for discussion forums?


I don’t know how you would cite a whole thread, as there will normally be several contributors (“authors”) in a thread. In style manuals, I only recall seeing instructions on citing individual postings. 

There is no specific reference type for discussion forums/listservs. You could set up a custom reference type, if you cite such material frequently, and then edit your output style to format your custom reference type.

Alternatively, you could look at using an existing reference type.

For example, if you are using the APA5th style, you can cite a posting to a discussion forum quite well by using the Newspaper Article reference type. Just make sure you enter data in the Author, Year, Title, Issue Date and URL fields. And when typing the Title, enter it in this form:

Re: Citation of discussion forum references using EndNote [Online forum comment] 

Thanks very much, I ended up using the “Online database” style (though most styles could probably be adapted), citing the author of the specific post I was interested in and adding “URL” and “Date accessed” to the output style. I suppose the electronic article" style would be close as well but I wanted to keep that for actual electronic articles.