Reformatting taking long time - can I stop it?

Hi everyone,

I have been working on my thesis using Endnote but kept citations unformatted as teh document got larger. I am due to give my supervisor a printed version of my whole document in 20 minutes for her to check through on a plane as she heads overseas. For some reason I stupidly thought I would update my citatations just to make everything look neater but I am now still sitting here half an hour later still waiting for them to format!! Is this a normal amount of time for a document with 200+ refeferences? And am I able to stop this process without wrecking the document so i can print it off?


9 hrs later, so what did you do?  – Usually this is due to a dialog that endnote the program is waiting for you to answer.  – or that the document has a corruption.  but usually you can stop it and it will return to the way it was.  – (and with big documents, you might try to remember to save it before this step next time).  Hope you survived!  

Did you have tracked changes on too?  Try turning it off before formating.  Try - on a copy, unformating - convert to unformated or temporary citation - (I know – it is unformated) and then convert to plain text, or use words remove field codes function (that lest one, you don’t want to do if you have tables of contentes, etc).