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Hello!. Usage: Endnote vs. word. I went with wrong information in Endnote. I used the word with the wrong information. After correcting the information on Endnote. Now, the Word file aprecem two quotations addressed as ‘a’ and ‘b’. It happens that I have only one record. But the word stores two different records. How do I delete a record that, in fact, there?

I am not exactly sure what you are saying. I interpret it as

You created a record in Endnote with a mistake.  You then fixed the record, but the word document now thinks there are two similar but distinct cited records, the one with the mistake and the corrected version. 

If that is correct, then

This shouldn’t happen in more recent versions of endnote, but if it does, you should unformat the document to its curly bracketed form (“convert citation to unformated citations” AND NOT TO PLAIN TEXT)   then reformat.  It may prompt you for one or both of the citations, and you should select the corrected record (the incorrect record may have been in the “traveling library”, which the unformat step should remove).   

If I have misinterpreted our problem, please expand. 

Leanne (an endnote user, unaffiliated with Thomson Reuters!)