Regular expressions in search field

When searching for references (and especially when finding duplicates), reference titles (for example) may differ by a single character. E.g.

“This is a reference for Pieris brassicae” v

“This is a reference for Pieris-brassicae” v

“This is a reference for P. brassicae”

Ensuring that all of these are found is quite painful, since you need to set up 3 separate search fields. I’d much rather be able to type:

“This is a reference for P[ieris|.][|-]brassicae” or something similar.


  • Pete

why not search for 






I run my duplicates with author, year and volume usually and not title.  This improved when they gave the option to ignore punctuation, but hypenated words are not treated as simply differences in punctuation.  Perhaps that could be requested in suggestions.  – but to get the P. to work right you may need to turn off the “ignore punctuation” seting in preferences.