Remove double semi colon in book- chicago 12 style

I search for an answer and cant find it.  I have two semi colons in book. It is actuallyand edited book but style was not correct so used book and ok except semi-colom.

Nedlands :: University

Can someone help please?

This forum is not where you post endnote questions - and you can’t attach files here.  Once a moderator moves the thread to a forum where you can, or if you want to repost the question in an Endnote Styles forum, you can attach the output style you are using and give an example of what you are trying to achieve and we can help tweak the output style to achieve that.  I suspect there is an empty field and since you are using an unusual record type for the reference and that the template doesn’t have the correct “separate” and link characters for that field, so the punctuation is showing even though the field is empty.

I am not familiar with “Chicago 12”.   


Chicago 16. however I now havew an answe thanks